wall mounted 2-way with passive X-over

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Hi all,

I would like to build a small wall mounted 2-way loudspeaker which can be connect to the subwoofer by means of the build in digital crossover of my AV-receiver. The crossover frequency to the subwoofer will be set to 80Hz.

For the tweeter I would like to use the SB29RDC-C000-4 as I read a lot of good reviews.

For the midwoofer I am considering the SB12w-8524g00

Do you think it will extend sufficiently in the low end to properly connect it to the subwoofer at 80Hz?

Do you know if there are more suitable midwoofers for this application?
Please note that the price of the midwoofer must stay in the 30,- to 70,- dollar range.

I am also thinking about using a bass-reflex enclosure to reduce its size.
What are the disadvantages of using a bass-reflex enclosure compared to a non vented enclosure?

Kazi, try out WinISD to model your boxes. It should answer your questions pretty quckly and for free. :)

Also, ScanSpeak specs are often way off. See if you can find measured T/s parameters or a kit that uses them so you can compare your WinISD figures to the kit or recommended volumes. In this case my usually trusted source, Madisound, does not have recommended box volumes.

The THX spec used to be to use LR4 alignment in the satellites and sub woofer. However, for the satellites it's split acoustically/electrically. That is, you need a sealed box with -3dB at 80 Hz. This gives LR2. Then your receiver also does LR2 electronically, giving you a combined LR4 slope for the satellites.


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Hi guys,

I made a major typo on the midwoofer. I am not considering to use the scan-speak 12w-8524g00 but the SB15NRXC30-8.

It is funny you said the scanspeak specs can be way off. Yesterday I was measuring the 12w-8524g00 and the Fs is 20Hz higher then specified and the Qts is 0.62 instead of 0.32.

Thank you for correcting me on the size of the bass reflex enclosure.

Now it makes most sense to do a closed enclosure with low Q driver.
The SB15NRXC30-8 has a Qts of 0.33, at least according to the datasheet :rolleyes:
The downside of the SB is that it is quite a big driver at 79mm tall and I want to minimize the depth of the enclosure for aesthetic reasons.
I rather would like to use something at the size of the scan speak, which is only 60mm tall.

Do you know of any quality midwoofer with low Q, below 60mm tall, which can be crossed over at 80Hz with the Av receiver?

Sensitivity and power handling are not so important.

Oh and thanks for pointing out the WinISD software, realy nice!

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