W-cone Focal 6" testing?

Does anyone have input or data on the Focal w-cone 6.5" drivers? I'm looking for how they compete with the masses in distortion and implementaion results. There isnt too much info on construction details such as copper ect. I konw they have black kapton formers.

I was thinking MTM with a scan speak 7000 ring radiator. I know value is low on the tweeter but Im not looking at cost constraints here. Its only money.:eek:
I don't have measured distortion data, but I have used the 6W4254 in an active MT. It's largely in the implementation, but the 6W is noticeably cleaner than a Focal paper driver, but on par with Dayton RS150 and a little fuzzier than a Seas W15CY001. On the plus side, it will go fairly low. In an MTM you could expect to get decent output down to the low 40s. (the 6W4254 lists an xmax of 3.5 mm) Presentation seems to be midway between paper and metal cones, as you might expect.

The breakup peak is less pronounced than a metal driver but needs to be addressed. When Focal used this driver in their commercial products they crossed it at 2400 Hz. I tried that but had better results crossing it down at 1600 with a Cauer filter that put a 45 db notch at the breakup peak.

Personally, if money is not much of an issue, I think I'd go with a Scan 18W8531G or Seas Excel W18EX001 rather than the W cone Focal based on my experience with the W15C001. OTOH, I did live with the 6W very happily for many years. They are still in my bedroom system.
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