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VRDN PSU fully built and working

Two VRDN boards for sale, fully working as I used them for my DAC.


Asking EUR 30 each or EUR 50 for both plus shipping to The Netherlands.
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It appears your assembled boards chose the less-frequently-seen arrangement of transformer secondaries. I recommend you create a new message in this thread, explaining the situation to potential buyers in some detail. As-assembled-by-you, which transformers work with those boards, and which do not? Then perhaps explain the additional work required, if they need to use the more-frequently-seen arrangement of transformer secondaries.
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Fair point!

These VRDN boards are assembled to accommodate single secondaries.

So for example one VRDN accepts a single 15 VAC secondary on its input and on its output it presents both positive and negative DC (e.g.+/- 18vdc).

See VRDN thread to change this to regular double secondary input and output.

Below is a screen from that thread with required changes: