Vituix CAD2 Help

I tried a design with the SB Audience 15OB350 and SB Acoustics 26ADC-C000-4, for use in an Infinite Baffle, so I acquired the ZMA and FDR and put them into Vituix.

I played around in XSim beforehand, and it has much less Info and Graphs,

The Questions are following:
-Are these Drivers usable together,
-The Resistor in series is pretty bad from what I heard
-Is the Phase Response okay

Or is there another design you would recommend for 2-Way Cinema?


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1. It's not the best idea to pair a 15" woofer with 1" tweeter. Aim for a 3 way to use that large of a woofer.
2. Yes, that's right. The crossover as presented is awful overall.
3. No.

Overall, nothing presented is representative of reality. Many missed steps, you do not just plunk manufacturer graphs into the software and slap some parts in there.

There may be a few learning items on basic electronics and acoustics before diving straight into crossover design. At the very least, if you must dive in unknowingly, start here:

Plan on purchasing measurement gear and a fairly steep learning curve ahead based on information provided. Alternatively, press the easy button and buy a kit or other commercial product.
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