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Because of the recent airport security issues, I have been wondering would we encounter a lot of hassle if we have electrical parts (e.g. heatsinks, capacitors, transistors etc) in our luggage when we check in/out of the airport terminal? I know for sure that any sharp objects (e.g. knief) is not allowed on the plane. Heatsinks are considered sharp object, isn't it?

Also do we have to pay things like duty tax, etc?

Any difference (in terms of airport security check) between travelling in Asia than North America or Europe? I have an experience recently where I was travelling to Canada and I have all my carry-on luggage checked, my body searched, shoes taken off for inspection in addition to waiting in line for 2 hours to board the plane.

I guess it all depends on your luck and the way you look.;)

When I was coming back from Sweden a year ago with all my aircraft tools (a lot of sharp object, drill guns and rivet guns) I didn't have any problem.

The only thing that was really checked was my boombox, I carried as hand luggage. They used some sort of vacuum for a check in Germany.

When you are away for more than two days, you usually have a duty and tax exempt, which in Canada is up to $500 if you are longer than 2 weeks away (if I'm correct). I never had to pay duty on items I was bringing back so far.;)
Hey ... DIYers from Hong Kong .... how about recommending some "most famous" street or outlet (?) in Hong Kong that one could check out? There got to be a few DIYers from Hong Kong?! I might want to visit Hong Kong or Taiwan in the future - never been there before.

This site has been pretty quiet lately. Is everybody cranking out Aleph amps in their garage and has no time to write?!
There is an area called Sham Tsui Po. There has a whole street selling electronic components, kits, exotic parts, chassis... etc. Worth to take a look. I haven't been there for several years but I think it can only be better. I will go to Hong Kong this Dec and will visit there. I believe there are more shops scattering around Hong Kong selling this kind of stuffs. Perhaps, some other HK diyers can provide more information.

Just crossing the border of Hong Kong to China. A city called ShenZheng, is a good place to look for too.


DIY Shops in Hong Kong

Here is a list of DIY locations in Hong Kong for those who is interested to explore:

1. Ap Liu Street. Take the subway (it is called the MTR in Hong Kong) to Sham Shui Po Station on the Tsuen Wan Line, take either A2 or C2 exit will bring you right in the middle of the electronics bazzar. This is a pedestrain only area.

(, select start and end station will bring up a web page showing you the fare as well as the street map for the destination station)

This place used to sell industrial surplus, way back in the 70's and 80's. It is now becoming a centre for all sorts of electronics related shops and stalls.

For audiophiles, there are a few shops to check out, unfortunately some of them are on the second floor and is quite difficult to get to. I'll list out the names next time I checked out this place again.

The ones I do remember though, are:

Wing Shing: they have two shops on the street level, one at either end of the street. They have high quality electronics components and kits (e.g. dale resistors, elna caps, tubes, etc.)

Welfare ( They stock very many items, but a bit pricey.

2. Hung Kwong Plaza in Mongkok. Take MTR to the Mongkok station, exit D3 and go to Tung Choi Street (Ladies Market), walk towards Dundas Street, the plaza is on the East side, south of Soy Street. There is a Hongkong Bank and a shop that sells traditional Chinese clothes downstairs. The electronics stores are on the first floor (1 flight up).

There are a few shops here, Wohing (a lot of DIY stuff and quite reasonably priced, but their main business is for the small electronics manufacturers in HK); Max electronics (they stock a lot of goodies: Solen caps, WPT connectors, etc.) You have to ask the storekeeper as they keep all the good stuff behind the counter. The things on the shelves are so-so parts.

There is also a surplus store that has a lot of good stuff but unfortunately you have to dig it up (literally) yourself. There are also two stores on tubes and related parts and supply.

3. Again in Mongkok. Take MTR to Prince Edward, exit A, walk on Sai Yeung Choi Street North towards Boundary Street. There is a shop called IC Master on the west side of the street. It's target customers are small business and students. Good pricing and have a load of selection of transistors.

Hope this helps guys. Send me an e-mail if anyone needs further info or direction.

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fcel said:
I was travelling to Canada and I have all my carry-on luggage checked, my body searched, shoes taken off for inspection in addition to waiting in line for 2 hours to board the plane.


By US or by Canadian customs? US customs won't even let me into the country because of a "grievios crime" (tongue firmly in cheek) i committed some 20 years ago.