VISATON MHT-12 + TI100M + 2xAL200


I am going to begin a new project with this combination:

tweater: Visaton MHT-12
medium: Visaton TI 100M
woofers: 2 x Visaton AL 200

closed enclosure of 40L (for two woofer´s) and 5l (for medium). Everything in active. with the digital crossover behringer DCX 12496.

What thoug of these loudspeakers?
It is good combination?
Some suggestion?



diyAudio Member
2004-02-25 9:13 pm
I have a fair amount of experience with the MHT12 and ti100.

I built a 3 modified versions of the Topas kit. All were transmission lines and all used the same basic foundation as the Topas plans laid out. The only differences were the aesthetics.

Suffice to say that those speakers were the first 3 I built and I was mightily impressed with the overall sound.

The MHT ribbon is warm sounding but has plenty of detail without lending harshness to the sound. And the ti100 was again warm but I felt that it was recessed in midrange and not as forward as I personally prefer. But it still did a great job and if that's the type of sound you like ie. Not hyper analytical. Then you'll surely love it.

The combination also had an almost magical presence on some material, really bringing forward the musical information whilst obscuring some of the tiny details. Very musical but not the greatest insight.

I like them but on reflection and comparison with more upto date work I've done I'd say that the drivers are expensive for the level of performance you get. So whilst good they aren't really great value for money unless you get a deal.


2006-10-02 1:52 pm

i intend on making a visaton topas kit that uses ti100 and mht12 dirvers.can anyone tell me where i could find info about the harmonic distortion of the drivers?and also, if anyone knows, where does the crossover cut from midbass to ribbon tweeter (on what frequency)?