Visaton Kit


2009-10-04 12:10 pm
more Visatons around

interesting choice. my next project will be B200s on OB, biamped w/F5s with bass support. right now I am still working on a pair of Joe R's Elsinores so probably by Fall time I'll get the other project underway ;). pls come back and share your listening impressions once your speakers are done. cheers, Sonny
sorry. My comment was unclear. What i mean is that the TIW200XS 8inch subs are rather inefficient at 84dB, which limits the efficiency of the whole design. That may not be an issue for you at all, unless you are planning to use a low wattage amp, like a small valve amp. I pointed it out just because the B200 is quite efficient in comparison and used as Ive seen in most cases (fullrange) the efficiency is what attracts many to it. Again, none of this is necessarily a problem for you, unless you use a 5 watt amp.

In other words, the Lpad resistors in the B200 filter are required to match the driver efficiencies. However, a practical upshot is that the B200 shouldnt become stressed with all that resistance there.
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