Visaton BG20

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A friend of mine is looking to buy sound for his living area for music and movies. He originally listened to Boston Audio bookshelfs, I think A25, and then listened to the Samsung HW-J550 sound bar, and he really liked the extra bass. I have convinced him to consider all options, and listen to different speakers and types of setups before buying, since taking your time will really get you something you are satisfied with.

I am of the opinion that a sound bar isn't worth it at all, especially if 80% of your listening is music, and you're upgrading your system from PC sound.

Some options I've found for him include:
Polk TSx110b
Q Acoustics 2020i
Monitor Audio bronze 2
Pioneer SP-BS22-LR (if I can find these here - if I do, I'm buying a pair!)

I feel the Polk and Q Acoustics aren't going to give the bass extension he wants, but a subwoofer can be added to the Pioneer's, if he or I find them.

I have also put to him that he can build. I recommended the Visaton W 170 S 8ohm and Visaton SC 10 N in a 50L ported enclosure, but this works out fairly expensive, and between us, I don't think we can finish it off professionally enough.

I told him if he wants to build, then I recommend Visaton BG20, as these will be cheap and very easy to build into a nicely finished enclosure. I would build a 40L ported enclosure, which is half-way between the two suggested enclosures on the Visaton web site. Please note that these are the only full-range options remotely available. The shop quotes that they're out of stock, and there's nothing else. I know a notch is recommended with 22 ohms, 1.5 mH and 1 uF (or something like that).

I believe there is money left for a subwoofer if he gets the BG20s.

Would these work well? Better than Q Acoustics or something like that? How would they compare? Does anyone have any experience with these BG20s? Is a subwoofer needed?

Thanks in advance!
Thank you! I'll save them for a future project, and I'll add tweeters. I see it's been done like that before. My friend went with the 2020i's as they outperform everything in their price range and they're currently going relatively cheap here. I'm going to build him a subwoofer to fill <50Hz.
This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.