Visaton B200 - foldable Open baffle try

At last, I am building a 70l cabinet with crossover .
I picked the idea on youtube because it's nicer .
you can see it here :

I had a hard time today with phase plug ! I tried to do the plug wih a woodsander and it's not satisfying.


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It's a set of 3 different equalizing notches plus an input impedance-flattening Zobel rather than a crossover as such. Without seeing the before / after response curves in the intended cabinet / on the intended baffle though, it's difficult to say exactly how effective it will be at shaping the response to a given target -or whether you'll like the results. It can be useful to help tame a driver, but it's also possible to go OTT in this regard. Ultimately, only you can be the judge of that! As a general word of advice -be careful equalizing wideband drivers to a ~flat axial response. It can (can) work, but the power-response may suffer as the off-axis drops away, and although usually the axial response dominates, it's a good idea to keep an eye on the off-axis as far as possible as it does have an impact on what you hear, unless you're listening in a fairly close nearfield scenario with the speakers angled for axial radiation.
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Allright . Thanks for your answers
I think i won't put any filter yet . I will listen with phase plug . If it's not good , i will have to find a solution .
The B200 will be used with Elekit TU-8200. Hope it match well .

Dave, i followed your plans and did plugs . Shall I glue it on the bottom ?


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Today i connect the speakers to my amp for a first try .
At first, it was very disappointing : sound was really bad !!!! especially bass . Worst than bas , it was uggly .
Then i plug off the phase plug and the sound becam clearer and nice. No more problem .

Do you have any clue ? Shall i surrond the plug with thread for it to connect on the edge ? (there is a
tiny space between the edge of the plug and speaker)
Can i have a problem with a little something getting in vibration?

Edit : (5 minutes later ) I plug the phase plug again and try to touch it . The sound change a lot just moving it a tiny bit. It is very sensitive !!! A quarter millimeter and the sound is muffled or gets dirty !!

Thanks for your comments
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