Virtually resizing of the rendition room

Until today, loudspeakers have been regarded as the end of the transmitting chain, but most errors arise after they have done their work.

The principle of wave field synthesis has made it possible to include the rendition room in the transmission chain with targeted corrections of its properties, including more than just frequency response. Specifically, it allows for the correct spatial distribution of the mirror sources, which determine the spatial soundfield in the recording.
The website describes a new procedure, able to restore that spatial distribution of the early strong reflection sources in the recording room to a large extent. In that manner, it becomes possible to resize the rendition room virtually.

Until today the wave field synthesis principle becomes realised practically only by loudspeaker rows around the listener. I am searching for a partner for the realization of my patented "soundfield transformation" idea, performed in loudspeaker field behind the screen wall.