viral projects, sort of

stay safe my friends!

here are some projects i am working on at home

first i got some old vifa midranges back from a friend, and I got small dayton amt to mate them with
vifa 13wh-00-08 is somewhat special midrange, free of the breakup grunge, even the ones i got are old, they still measure nice

here are some pics from the build, work in progress

may go active!


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next, i had some phono preamp kits unfinished, and its about time to finish them
two shown are bugle and ear834 (second slightly different kit as before)

bugle is finished in the box, while playing ok, i prefer an old discrete ps audio in comparison (this is just guest room, no fancy electronic here)
once I finish ear I will compare them downstair with better turntable


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Social distancing has given me a little extra shed time...

Not audio, but I've been playing about with IoT and smarthome stuff in the shed. Loaded some Sonoff units with Tasmota which is an open source firmware for esp8266 based IoT gear, on the back end running VerneMQ for MQTT and OpenHAB to provide smarts and UI.

With this button I can turn the lights on and off... it's not much, but there's a lot of possibility. I see Sonoff have some nice switch units with touch buttons included, so you can replace regular light switches without losing any functionality and they can still operate standalone if things go wrong. They're not very expensive either, quite tempted to start smarting up the house a bit [emoji28]

well, that would be a good thing...

anyway, here is some update on the vifa and amt tweeter
i am working on the crossover now, vifas are running with no coil, naturally rolling of at ~5kHz
i am adding slowly capacitors to the amt tweeter, I do not want to load it too much
it measures quite flat, but there is little less energy between the 4-5 kHz, i think i need to add more cap to in progress

otherwise it sounds great, relaxed, maybe small dip is having soothing effect


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Ok, I consider vifa + amt crossover tweeked
nothing on the vifas (who would in their right mind put crossover on perfect midrange) and only 4.5uF on amt
when I placed coil on mids, the phase went to hell
my approach is 'make it as simple as possible' ...(i think it was Einstein who said that)
now both are flat, response and phase
no wonder, they sound superb


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