VinylTrak circuit boards?

Does anyone out there have a circuit board or gerbers for Bob Cordell’s VinylTrak MM stage? I came away from BA2019 with 2 pair of lsk489 courtesy of Linear systems. I was originally thinking of Bob Cordell’s RIAA pre-amp from the appropriate application motes, then I began to look at the VinylTrak in Linear Audio #4. At this time the learning curve for layout is much more than I’m willing to undertake. If there are gerbers available I would love to make a small run, or perhaps we could organize a group buy.....

Rsavas,, I think there would be real interest in carefully laid out smt boards for the Vinyltrak. BlackJack modified Bob’s circuit extensively, so there’s a need for someone to do it so it matches the article.

Would be most interesting to compare a well-built Vinyltrak with SY’s Equal Opportunty phonostage; they both stress the desirability of balanced inputs.