Vintage Philips mono radio conversion questions

Hi guys!
A while back I managed to get my grandfathers old Volvo back from Germany and I have spent the last two years fixing it up.
There is still ways to go but I started to think about the audio system.
I have a 2-channel JBL power amplifier and a pair of speakers to install without cutting anything up.

The old Philips radio still sat in the dashboard and it lit up when I applied 12v to it, so I suspect that it works.

Now, the radio has a single speaker output and no pre-outs (of course).
My thought is to replace the combined on/off-volume potentiometer with one that is for stereo.
After that I found a Bluetooth module that goes in series with the signal from the tuner and works by breaking the tuner signal when a device connects to the module.

With this I can use the radio as a tuner and AND for Bluetooth with the volume control intact.
What I need to add is a line-out before the final amplification and a stereo potentiometer. And split the tuners mono signal into dual mono before the volume control.

Do you think that I got it right or have I missed something?
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