Vintage Full Range

Back in the 50's my Dad had a mono system with a big floor standing Jensen speaker. I was able to find a pair of these on Ebay. The price was steep but I just had to have them for nostalgia's sake. I didn't expect them to sound that good, but to my surprise they surpass all the bookshelf speakers I've owned over the years. :) They have a single non-coaxial 12" driver, P12-SX, which Jensen describes as an extended range speaker. The cabs are Jensen type "D" bass reflex. I never dreamt a one way speaker could sound so good. Even the high end sounds good (at least to my 60 year old ears). I'm happy to find a forum dedicated to one way speakers, I assume that is what "Full Range" means?


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Enjoy the speakers! When my sons need new sneakers i try to get them to buy the older styles i grew up with instead of the crazy looking ones that are out now. They love the 'classics' and appreciate them for what they are... not the best... not the worst... but certainly good overall and satisfying to own and live with until they're worn out. I will buy a 12" full ranger in the coming days. Seems the larger diameter i go the more i enjoy. But i also enjoy the smaller cone full rangers also. Many great choices these days! I was looking at the new Fostex offerings earlier and see a bunch that will probably be really enjoyable.
I've never heard those Jensens, but many speak highly of the old Jensen stuff. That's why it wasn't cheap. But WOW they do look beautiful. I'm a few years younger than those speakers, and I love the old stuff like that. The newer, molded plastic enclosure just look too wierd for me. And usually they sound like feces.