vifa 2-way build up

I probably don't have to tell you what drivers I'm using, they've got to be 2 of the most popular from vifa...

This is my first attempt at anything like this. I hope this crossover works okay, because I havn't tried it yet :p


That x-o is pretty close to the one Dave B uses in the tapered pipes he build..

Problem is that the P17WJ will behave rather differently in a vented or sealed box (which is yours, hard to tell from pics)

You will probably find a loss of midrange definition (the P17 in a smallish box) and bass, because of the different bass response over what that x-o would provide in the pipes.

tweaking will almost certainly be required!
The speakers are now built. I must say, they sound very nice. Bass response is lacking to a large extent (to be expected). I do however have an active sub to fill the low frequencies.

All in all, extremely pleased. I don't think I could have bought pre-made speakers or a kit for what it cost me to build a pair (AU$360)

Even though this is my first set of speakers I have made.. it would make an excellent first project for anyone wanting to build a inexpensive set of 2-ways..

Should also mention, this forum has a lot of information that I used to make these 2-ways.


You're right, it's a sealed enclosure (the hole in the back is just for speaker terminals). Dimensions are 210x330x330mm (WxHxD). They're made from 18mm mdf except for the baffle which is 24mm. There's no bracing or filling at the moment (that's soon to change). The exterior will also get a lick of paint.
Nice work!
Indeed it is. (Interesting combination of drivers as well)
But if you look closely you can see where the screw was sitting.
No, that wouldn´t bother me if you can hardly see it anyway
(you should see my last set that I painted:bawling: )

What I wanna say is that to me veneering is so much less work than painting due to much more sanding, multiply coats, proper sealing etc. That said I´m not very experienced with painting but wasn´t also with veneering. Veneering results looked much more professional.
But as always YMMV.

Steps to painting:

1. One coat of white MDF Primer using a roller..
2. Light sand with 400grit paper..
3. Black Gloss enamel spray, one coat.

To get a smoother finish I would sand it again with 400grit then apply another coat.

I just couldn't stand to be without my speakers, so I rushed the painting. ;)

It's vitally important to get the wood to a smooth and flat state before you start painting too, especially the end grain of MDF.


2005-01-21 12:15 am
A random orbital sander does a fantastic job of finishing mdf; i did a few months work, some of which was finishing mdf to a high standard. We used spray MDF primer with a gas powered heater (the huge kind) and an extractor, two coats - then sanded back with 320grit pad on a random orbital sander, dropped two coats of top coat, sanded, and dropped another coat on.

We did quite a lot of shop fitting - so you can imagine the quality had to be right up there. Without the orbital and extractor, it got messy pretty easily.