Views on Borbely All Fet Monoblocks


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2001-02-25 7:10 pm
Northern Iliinois
I haven't built any of the all-fet designs (yet, anyways...)

I have built a couple of the power amps: the Servo 100 and Servo 50 and some of the preamp modules and power supplies. Currently still using the Servo 50. Great amp, great sound. I use KEF 104/2 and DIY preamps. I listened to this amp through a friend's Sound Labs (A1 maybe? don't remember). The sound was fabulous. Attention to details are what makes or breaks DIY projects though, so do it right: take your time, don't rush, and don't skimp on parts and quality. Spend lots of time evaluating to evolve to the best layout, wiring and grounding scheme. I had a chance to access a distortion analyzer during some preamp design work and watch in amazement as I could significantly alter distortion measurements by changing ground wire positions, put snubbers across the rectifiers in the power supply, etc.

Go here:
if you want to see the power amp.

More questions - let me know.

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