ViewFrame Spectra LCD Panel related question

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Hi all,

Bear with me, if you will-- here's a short background on my set-up before I get to my real question (thanks!).

I've got a nView ViewFrame Spectra LCD, circa 1990, which has 2 VGA and one composite input, and I plan to use this combined with a Buhl 80/14 OHP for home theater purposes. The ViewFrame Spectra LCD panel came with its cables, which included the power supply cable and a couple VGA cables (one being for use with a Mac).

Since I don't have a Home Theater compatible computer to hook the LCD panel up to, I intend to use a DVD/VCR combo (Toshiba SDV391), which provides Component, S-Vid, and composite video outputs. My original problem was connecting the Component output of the DVD player to the LCD panel, but I've since obtained a component-to-VGA cable, and with the assistance of a Female-to-Female gender changer, I was finally able to connect the DVD to the LCD.

Of course, that's when I discovered I still had no picture displayed on the LCD panel! So, I tested the functionality of the panel by hooking it up to an older PC I have (w/o a DVD drive in it), and setting the PC to display at 640 x480 (to match the LCD panel's resolution). This worked well, and I was able to determine that the panel does indeed work as it should.

This leads me to believe that my problem exists with an incompatible resolution between the DVD player and the LCD panel. After reviewing the forums here (and elsewhere), I'm thinking that a Video-to-VGA converter/scaler is what I need as a go-between. From what I'm learning, some of these items can provide an output of 640 x480 @ 60 hz, which is what the ViewFrame LCD panel requires. However, there seems to be some issues with how some of these convertors work with this particular LCD panel. So, this leads me to my question... (thanks for staying with me till now!)

What video-to-VGA converter(s) are compatible with the nView ViewFrame Spectra LCD projection panel (i.e., what will provide the 640 x480 @60 hz I need)?

I'm currently considering several of the NextVisions (the 4's, 5,'s, and 6's) (but I read that some of these provide ~ 62hz, which may not be close enough to sync with the panel), the Avermedia's (5 and 9), and the KWorld boxes. But, has anyone had success with any of these, or can provide comments/suggestions?

Thanks in advance for reading my post, and for any insight you can provide!

VGA box for nView ViewFrame Spectra

Well, I've answered my own question.

After researching this further, I considered buying either an Avermedia TVBox 5 or 9, or one of the NextVision boxes (4, 5, or 6), as they seem to be very popular. However, since I'm just starting out, I didn't want to spend alot on a box that may or may not work.

Fortunately, I found a decent box that does the job for not a lot of cash. I picked up a box from, which also sells their products on e-bay under various dba names. The box I bought in the Multi VGA Box 2. It's made from a company in China called "SAM Group" and this box is sold under the Dragon/DragonPlus product series.

The box is very simple and small, but it provides a VGA out to my LCD panel, which was needed. It also provides the 640 x480 @60 hz I need to sync with my panel. You can hook up either a composite or S-video signal (unfortunately, no component input), as well as left and right channel audio, and you can select from NTSC/PAL playback. The box also allows adjustment for color, brightness, and clarity, although the markings are backwards (+ will decrease a setting, while - increases the setting!)

I used this box with my LCD panel & OHP in my backayrd last night, and played several DVD's and VHS tapes through it succesfully.

I bought this box for $47.95, plus shipping, which was only 2 days from CA to NY. I'm very satisfied with it.

Pros: Inexpensive, provides 640 x480 @60 hz, easy controls on box (no remote), adequate hook-ups (for a low-end DIY backyard theater set-up). Excellent dealings with Ambery.

Cons: Limited to lower resolutions. No component video input.
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