Very small sub to match satellites

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I'm looking to make a smallish sub (.5-1.25 cuft at the MOST) to match a pair of Adire KIT51s. I currently have a much much much bigger sub than I need for these speakers (atlas 15" in 4cuft sealed) and would like to make one that would fit under a desk like a conventional multimedia subwoofer.

My question is, what's the best driver to use? I can give it whatever power it needs, but I'd like to have one under 300W. I was looking at the TANG BAND W6-1139SC and it seemed pretty good to me. Also the Tang Band shielded 8" looked good. The only problem is the 8" sub in a ported box modeled with WinISD looks unsatisfactory. I haven't modeled up the W6 yet, I figured I would ask if anyone had any other suggestions before I did anymore modeling. The budget I'm working with is $25-75 per driver.

I'm looking for a conventional ported design, preferrably with 1 or 2 straight ports. I don't want a PR, sealed, or linkwitz transform circuit subwoofer either.

Thanks for the help.
I've attached a plot of the quattro 8 vs the tangband 6.5. I like what I see with the 8" for sure, F3 of 35.96 and F6 of ~32. I'm just concerned that it won't get very loud; I think my KIT51s might overpower it. Anyone with an 8" ported sub have any comments on how loud they get?


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differences in amplifier gain or volume settings will compensate for differences in speaker efficiencies.

I am more and more impressed at the numbers folks get out of speakers these days. When I was a kid, this would have been pooh-poohed as science fiction / fantastic talk.

Keep it up engineers, and thank you God for the physics! :D
I suggest you get the pro version of WinISD as this will tell you how much actual output you can get considering both thermal and xmax limited power handling. While you have similar results for the TB and the Dayton, what that doesn't show is how much actual output. As a quick guide for comparing speakers, however, look at VD which you can calculate by SD x one way xmax x 2.

I would say as a general rule of thumb, a pair of vented 8" drivers will keep most people happy. Their output will be roughly equivalent to an MTM with 6.5" midbass drivers. This is all assuming a typical 4mm xmax.
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