Very newbie question on Amp impedences

Ok i am new to some of this stuff, so bear with me.

Ok so i just purchased a power amp for my car and plan on installing it this weekend. My question is this: The amp has a LowZ input which connects to the receiver via RCA cables. It also has a HighZ input which has some adapter i've never seen. The Amp came with a plug for the adapter that had bare leads on the other end. What is the differences/advantages to the HighZ vs. LowZ inputs?


2007-04-11 9:42 pm
Perry Babin said:
It seems like the terminology is wrong. I think they have high impedance (Z = impedance) and low impedance backwards.

The low impedance (~15-2000 ohms) is for high level (speaker level) input.

The high impedance (10,000-50,000 ohms) is for low level (preamp level) input.

Thats right i had it backwards. Low and high Z are usually pro-audio terms that i haven't used in a while (since my DJ'ing days during the uderground rave scene in Los Angeles in the early 90's) I feel old!:cannotbe: