Vandersteen model 1 repair

Hi. I'm working on a Model 1 speaker. The problem was that after about 5 minutes it would fade away. I figured first that caps have gone bad, but then read that they use thermal protection fuses. I've disassembled the speakers and found that caps are actually good, but the single resistor is all burned and black, but still measures 10 ohms (because of burning off I can't tell the value it should be). There are two yellow things that look like disc caps, these must be thermal protection devices. One is on tweeter line, in series, and that makes sence. The other one, on woofer line, is actually in PARALLEL with a 4.7 uf and 50 uF caos - how does that work?? Any help appreciated. Thx


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question about sock removal

I have a pair of model 1's also the socks are a bit frayed with some small holes. I shaved the long frays with a regular hair cutting (electric) clippers and finished them up with a shave from a regular Braun (sp) face shaver. It took about two hours for the pair. They are much more presentable now. However, I am thinking about replacing the top and shocks altogether. I would like to know if the top was glued on or mounted with hardware hidden by the sock?

thanks vn71