Using USB audio interface for listening music and gear testing


after buying Adam active speakers worth 500eur for listening to music, rarely monitoring because they are not up to this task and i have other system for this, i need 2ch listening source with some other features:

2ch bal. out, 2ch recording with phantom powered mic amps, 2ch line level ins which can be unbal., ability to do simple tests with software (i have HW generator, scope and similar equipment). Hope for something easy to use.
Most important things in terms of quality are analogue outputs and nice volume knob. The rest is just for rough comparisons, quite good recordings of 2 different sources, capability of doing software tests my scope doesn't do (Tek 2247A which is my main test tool).

Desktop PC runs on Win 7/10, i3 processor, system SSD, 4Gb of RAM, USB3, etc...
Considering price of monitors i'm looking at max 200eur USB audio interfaces like this:

The best audio interface 2019: our pick of the best audio interfaces for production and music-making | MusicRadar
RME would probably be my first choice if they had 2ch interface for my budget, so i started looking at Mackie:
Onyx USB Interfaces | Mackie
Don't know about Focusrite 4i4, seems people are paying too much just because of connection to heritage products like one of their preamp made by Rupert Neve. I don't have in depth experiences with USB interfaces, although i know 4i4 is in fashion and has red color :)

I'm into building pro audio gear like higher end preamps, custom DIs/reamps, line drivers and receivers, compressors...mostly custom stuff people can't buy. I also help properly installing gear, get rid of ground loops and EMI/RFI, make snakes or any kind of cables, do rackings and similar things.

Hope post isn't confusing and in the right place. I will be thankful for any reply and advice. Thanks

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