Using Seas W18EX in Troels TJL


2004-11-17 4:46 pm
I've just finished building Troels Acapella SE but it turns out to be too big for my bed room (don't ask) and also I had some problem trying to integrate the bass to the rest of the speaker and the problem may have been internal standing wave in the bass unit.

Anyway, I am planning to build some thing smaller such as the TJL. The problme is I only have a pair of W18Ex on hand -- not the W18E.

What would be effect of using the EX version as opposed to the E version in the TJL?


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2003-03-17 4:30 am
Unfortunately the W18EX and W18E are sufficiently different that it would require a complete redesign. Not just the crossover, but the finding the optimum cabinet size, bass tuning and port dimensions.

The only thing that would be the same to the original TJL, then, is the single tweeter.

Got any pictures to share of your speakers? How do they sound?