Using moter run caps in PSU.

Has anyone here used motor run caps in a power supply? If so, did you solder directly to the tabs or did you use spade clips? I have some motor run caps but I am concerned that I will end up unsoldering the internal connections of the cap if I try soldering anything to the tabs. said:
I have been known to use their automotive primary wire for wiring up filament connections too, especially those power hungry tubes like 6336's.

Hey! Me too :D maybe it's not that audiophile but works fine.

Are there drawbacks to using a contact connection rather than using a soldered connection?

No. You just need to use a proper tool to crimp the connector onto the wire but I cheat and use a plier and solder after the crimping.



2006-10-03 11:02 pm
I have soldered and unsoldered mine a bunch of times. I like the solder approach especially for those that have numerous lugs per terminal because, I can solder my safety bleeders to one lug, and use the other(s) for PSU connections. I have no idea how the caps are wired internally, but I would expect them require more than a hot soldering-iron to damage their interior (but I really don't know for sure).

Anyway, I have had no problems and I feel more confident in solder over spade connectors, especially once you have optimized your PSU.

These caps (oil filled) are great for PSU and I usually solder them but also using it as cathode by pass with excellent results on a 12B4 line amp.

As a cathode bypass I did compare against a 5u WonderCap and the oil cap won hands down when bypassed with a 0.1u MKP film. I should mention that the oil cap is 4 uf rated at 370 VAC not exactly a motor run as we know them but what I think is called a power factor corrector cap which are built to a higher standard.