Using DC instead of Ac for some control circuitry

Hi ,

I was wondering if any onw could help me, i had built a Nuuk buffered passive pre-amp. The unit has got a remote control board in it for the inputs (relays) and the motor Pot. The board gets its power from a single external 12v AC wall wort. The actual remote board has a recifer a Cap and then a regulator. It was wondering if it would be possible to try replacing the AC supply with a DC one. Would it matter for if i used a 12V DC one instead or would i need a higher voltage. I was thinking that no matter which way around the DC was plugged in the Rectifer bridge should allow only the Dc to pass through the right way.

It would just be for an experiment to see if it cut down on the slight hum thta i am getting from the preamp now.

Any comments greatfully recieved. I know i could bypass the diode bridge and put my dc in there but for a quick test i was wonering if this would work.
OK at the moment the Diode has a single 12ac winding going into it. After recfitcation what does that work out as? I know if it was a dual secondary going into it you get 1.42 times the input but is that hte same for a single secondary? Also if i loose 2 volt then maybe i should put a 15 dc input into it.

Might have a got with the 15 volts input later