Using an Arduino to switch instrument cable (guitar to amp) on/off ?


2013-03-17 4:28 pm

Using an Arduino, I'm trying to send a signal to a circuit to turn on/off (or mute) the signal between the guitar and amplifier. I see that they sell instrument cables with the on/off switch built in, but I am trying to imitate the same thing but having the Arduino send the signal.

What I have in mind is to create a pcb board with two 1/4" mono female input jack pcb mount (not sure which one - Guitar Amp Jacks ) and a digital potentiometer ( - Using a MCP4131 Digital Pot with Arduino) to control (on/off) the signal flow thru the circuit.

Question - is this the best way of doing this? Any ideas or suggestions would be appreciated.



2003-02-17 7:38 pm
electric guitar raw inductive pickup signal can be very hi Z, sensitive to cable, preamp loading - hard to add a tranparent switch since frequency response and peaking varies with few 10s of pF, 10s of MegaOhm added loading

just the added C of another few ft section of cable, will have measureable audio frequency effect with the higher Z pickups

for actual switching some electromechanical relays can have low parasitic C

switching post preamp, buffered line level signal is much easier to do without affecting "the sound"
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