Using a hi-vi rt8-2 tweeter with Bob Brines Ft1600 MKII


2007-01-11 12:45 am

I have a pair of Bob Brines FT1600 mkII speakers(using a Fostex FE167 with a BCS filter). I want to add a tweeter that sits on top of them to add more air. It was recommended that I use a hi-vi rt8-2. If someone would go over the procedure on hooking them up properly it would be much appreciated.



Bob Brines

2003-01-31 10:11 pm

Regardless of what tweeter you use, you will need at least a series capacitor. I find that around 1uF is about right, but you can get a pair each of .47uF, 1uF and 2uF and have enough range to cover your needs. You can parallel values and get 1/2uF steps from .5 to 3.5uF. Alligator clips on test leads will work fine for testing.

You may need to pad down the tweeter, so get a pair of L-pads and wire them as per instructions between the cap and the tweeter. For a final installation, you can measure the resistance of the two legs of the L-pad and use resistors of those values.

The easiest way to wire the tweeters into the speakers is to terminate the leads with a stackable banana plugor terminate the speaker cables with a stackable banana plug. Either way, installing or removing the tweeter is trivial.