Using A Film Capacitor In TDA1541A I/V?


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2002-02-20 10:28 pm
Toronto, Canada
The webpage I'm quoting here already answers my question but I'm still looking for opinions that support this point of view.

I have a NOS TDA1541A DAC with an active I/V stage that is AC coupled with a nice BG electrolytic. In the pursuit of ever better results I'm considering replacing the BG electrolytic with a high-end film capacitor. Here's an article that offers some options: Capacitor Shootout

TNT's NOS TDA1541 DAC page goes on to say,
The output is AC coupled via a very high quality polypropylene capacitor. Use the best film capacitor you can think of, and afford...

I definitely suggest avoiding paper in oil capacitors here, as the sound (for my taste) already has enough passion, sparkle and glitter without paper in oil caps!

As you can see in the accompanying diagram. They are referring to C405 and C406. Thoughts anyone?


I had a Monica DAC (uses TDA1545) and I actually used big 12uF oil capacitors. Subjectively speaking, it was a little darker than the stock 'lytic. But overall it was much better throughout the range.

Plenty of options out there - both cheap and expensive. 10uF film caps are big no matter how you slice it, so keep that in mind if your trying to solder them in place on a board. I mounted my caps off board between the out and RCA jacks.