Using a bridged Rotel power amp to drive a JBL E250P?

Hi guys,

Well you guessed it,the famous JBL E250P amplifier module fault has made an appearance in my own sub. Looking at the module itself, it's a pretty poor affair considering it's supposed to be 250w RMS! No ventilation either. What I was wondering is this. I have a spare Rotel RB-970BX power amp that is very well made and offers at least 180w RMS in bridged mode into 4 ohms. It has a much bigger psu and caps, and I reckon could be a good solution as I am on a budget of zero pounds (no more expenditure for a little while!). Your thoughts would be appreciated. My denon amp can handle the crossover point,although I do have some very high quality old school car audio crossovers (active) that I could use too.