Using 6ohm speakers with Audiolab 8000a MK1

are they really 6ohm speakers?
Or could they be 4ohm to 8ohm speakers?

It is now common to design speakers that have a 4ohm bass/mid driver and an 8ohm treble driver.

Most of the energy supplied by the amp to the speaker is fed to the 4ohm driver.
Effectively the amp sees predominantly a 4ohm speaker load.
You will not kill your Audiolab if you are sensible with the volume control, but a 4 to 8ohm speaker will not allow the little Audiolab to produce it's best sound.

Bi-wiring will not make any overloading condition any worse.


2010-11-10 6:22 pm
Amp arrived, sounded great (after warming up) but lacked bass. Speakers had frequency response starting at 60Hz. Changed to Monitor Audio BR2s (response starts at around 40Hz). Made a huge difference to the bottom end while preserving the detail I could hear through the previous speakers. Both sets of speakers are 6ohm and the amp seems to have no problems driving either set. The amp is definitely unforgiving, i.e. honest. But good recordings sound incredible. Letting the amp warm up is essential - it sounds terrible when cold (as did the MA BR2s before running in). During the recent cold weather, the Audiolab was taking two hours to sound right. I have been leaving it on. Naughty.