Use JFET SIMetrix Model in LT Spice


2012-05-25 10:47 am
Hello community,
i have the following problem:
I try to use the SPICE Model of the following JFET SPICE Model in LTSPICE

CoolSiC™ 1200V SiC JFET & Direct Drive Technology

manufacturer: Infineon

Model: IJW120R070T1

There is already a really complex SPICE Model available
LINK IJW120R070T1 - Infineon Technologies

This model is verified for PSPICE simulator SIMetrix and its really easy to import the model in the Software SIMetrix, but I would like to use it in LTSPICE.
Can you guys help me to use it in LTSPICE? Or give me a hint what I have to do?
The Model doesn't have the typical structure ".model MODELNAME njf;...."

I appreciate every help I can get