usb interface advice...

I'm looking for a replacement for my E-mu 0404. I have an 2011 iMac running El Capitan. I use it as a DAC, measurement interface (ARTA, and Speakerworkshop) and my daughters use it to record themselves (acoustic guitar, voice and piano). Honestly, we used every port on the box except for the MIDI ports!

With the El Capitan update, the OS stopped playing nice with E-mu. I found a patch but it only allows playback. No more recording... :(

I like the Scarlett 2i2 on paper but want to hear from users who have a similar set up and use. It has good reviews everywhere and has the features we use most.

Does it give you lots of trouble (constant driver updates, dropping out/ wild screeching noises during playback, etc.)? Is it reliable? Hard to troubleshoot the system from work when the wife is at home and there is no sound from the stereo... She gets hotter than a class A amp when she can't stream her shows! :eek: (Frankly, I do as well when things don't work but I deal much better with myself being upset!) Is it easy to use? Other thoughts?

Thanks in advance for your thoughts on this matter!