USB Audio Interfacing


I have a project in mind: Design an USB AD/DA.

AD/DA and data interfacing with USB (using FPGA) is already under development, but I would need some info in the steps I have to take so that my OS detects this device as an USB audio interface and use it with my favourite audio sequencer (ableton live, pro-tools, cubase, logic...whatever), just like and ASIO device.

I understand this is USB task but I´m completely lost in this subject, don´t know if this is impossible task or if there´s enough info over there in the www I can DIY...

Can anyone send me a link, documentation or any resource with this task?

Thanks in advance for your answers
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This website is a good place for all info on USB:

USB in a NutShell - Chapter 1 - Introduction

Covers everything from hardware, descriptors and the setup packet (which I assume is what you are after).

Creating generic USB devices looks fairly simple and it might be easier to start with something that identifies itself as something non-audio (like a mouse or keyboard). Audio classes seem more complex.