urgent help needed - driver phases

I have a problem.
I´ve got a pair of SEAS 25F EW, the ones that used to be in Dynaco A25, amongs other things. Now..the connections are mirrored, i.e. if placed beside each other the one woofer has the red washer to the left and the black to the right and the other one is opposite -red to the right and black to the left. To complicate things the one with the red to the left has some black stain on the red washer and some red ink(?) on the right terminal - the one with black washer. But they are old, so I´m not shure if these homemade markings(?) are deliberate or just traces of time...How do I find out what is + and - before I put them in the box. Unfortunately, all I have for measuring is a multimeter. Anybody know if these specific woofers have their connections mirrored or not?
Bewildered beginner.