UR comments required

This is a old circuit of 80's. My friend has assembled by replacing few devices. He is happy with the performance.
He replaced
1) BC 546b matched for 2N 2919
2) BC 546b for MPSA05
3) bc 546b for BC 109
4) TIP 142 for TIP 141
5) TIP 147 for TIP 147

I wish to assemble the amp myself. I want suggestions for modification or changes to be carried out in the above mentioned circuit for better quality & higher output.
Mahendra Palesha


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2001-06-01 4:53 pm
Is there any particular reason you want to build this exact amp? There are other designs that may be easier and/or better. Check out www.sound.au.com for some.
I build an amp like this and had problems adjusting the bias correctly (it kept running away). I think the Darlington output transistors were part of the problem, but it was probably mostly the thermal coupling to the bias network wasn't right.