Upgradeing my sobwoofer

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Upgrading my sobwoofer

I know that this might not be the best solution but this is what I've started:

I have a subwoofer that I like almost everything about it: power, size, weight, connections etc.etc.
But despite that on the specification is
Frequency Response 25 Hz to 200 Hz (+/-3dB)
My Genelec 8040 goes deeper with a few semitones.
Now this is a 10" subwoofer and the Genelec is a 6.5" nearfield...

I was thinking about replacing the driver in the subwoofer with a different one.


Weight 17.4 kg (38.35lb)
Dimensions 32x40x37cm (12.6x15.7x14.5 in)
Frequency Response 25 Hz to 200 Hz (+/-3dB)
Speakers 10” woofer bass reflex
Construction Plywood
Inputs Stereo/mono input
Outputs 2x Combo parallel and 2x crossover out
Max SPL 117dB
Controls Volume, Ground lift, mono-stereo or
Power 200W

I replaced the stock Sica driver with a Seas L26ROY.
D1001-04 L26ROY

I've sealed the ports (better a small sealed cabinet then a ported cabinet with wrongly tuned ports?)
The difference is huge, now it started to act as a subwoofer

The next thing that I'm thinking about is about adding a passive radiator Seas SL26R...
One of the problem is that the only free side is the bottom where I could cut out a hole for the passive radiator(handles on both sides)
What would be the benefits?

I really don't want to sell it, just upgrade it, if it is possible...
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A passive rad is just a variation of porting, so why not open up the ports and try it out. The right thing to do here is measure the box.. then you will know just how much BS the manufacturer pushed with the stock specs. Even just looking at the box should tell you something though, if the ports are relatively short then it's very unlikely the box is tuned very low, so in that case sealing them up and applying a judicious boost at 30hz for example would certainly make it more of a real sub.. but the driver has to be able to handle that much EQ.
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Well, I introduced the numbers in the WinISD calculator, and it shows that the resonant frequency of the box with the ports is around 55 Hz. That correlates with the drivers Fs frequency that I checked up in the drivers manufacturers datasheet.
So the only BS is on the subwoofers datasheet, stating the 25 Hz...
I can't open a port big enough to go deep, around 30 Hz.
The new driver has an Fs at 22 Hz.
So basically the question is: would the passive radiator help me in any way to get some more 30 Hz waves in my room?
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