upgrade of cd player


2013-03-26 3:15 am
I have an Adcom c.d. player approximately 14 years old. It recently developed a problem with the drawer not opening and is in the shop to be looked over.

My questions are:
1: is it worthwhile to repair and keep ?
2: If not, what suggestions could anyone make for a newer, and more contemporary player?
3: Should I consider separate transport and D/A convereter?

All of my listening is done with cd's. Should I consider the cd player the "heart" of the system?

Thanks in advance for any help.


2011-11-17 3:49 pm
Crap in will give you crap out.

The amplifier is the true heart of the system but the source is just as important.

The Arcam CD36 is an excellent machine and can be got reasonably cheaply on E-Bay.

It all depends on your budget and the other peripheral devices that you have.