Updated Open Baffle project: Active with Hypex Fusion FA123

Hi all

After some time of inactivity I am now working on my open baffle project again. See here: https://www.diyaudio.com/community/...ng-bass-driver-and-u-frame-side-wings.384160/

In the meantime I have made some decisions for the drivers and also ordered them to setup a prototype:
Tweeter: AMT23D6.1-R (88dB, 8Omhs)
Mid woofer: Audiotechnology C-Quenze 18 H 52 06 13 SDKA
Bass woofer: Acoustic Elegance Dipole12

With just minimal passive crossover it already sounded promising. I then made the decision to get rid of my AMP and convert the into active speakers with Hypex Fusion FA123 plate amps. These are also here already and I am trying to set these up. I just got them working with some preliminary sane filter settings.

My question now is: The filter design software hase some built-in features to measure the response directly in the design software. I did not manage to get that running.
I am using a UCA202 audio interface, installed ASIO drivers which I can select in the software but I do not get the "button" where I can enable the recording feature. What is strange is that the ASIO settings for device and input output channels are not saved. When I go back to thsi dialog the settings are gone...

Has anyone succesfully used this recording features in Hypex Filter Designer?