Unusual behaveour of Marantz

Does anybody have a simmilar problem with Marantz PM7200 output section.
Everything is working fine until I try to switch on loudspeaker ouputs (No speaker connected) , than the quiescent current on both channels rise and i must turn of the output binding posts before mad heat up.

I dont know what can go wrong by switchin on only output relays:hot: .
this only happends when class A mode is used. Help please. I am pretty pist off with that problem:mad: .
Graham Maynard said:
Hi Gasho,

This amplifier is known to run hot in class-A - it is meant to.
One friend fried a DAC that he had sitting on top !

Cheers ....... Graham.

Indeed. And, if the heatsinks get too hot to touch more than a few seconds, they may still be less than 50 degrees Celcius. We don't really know what HOT means anymore;)

Jan Didden