Unprofessional, yet sounds good! DIY bodge job!

Ok, you guys are probably going to think that im insane or perhaps some others here are just

as mad.

I went to a second hand store and picked up a pair of "studio sound" EC-1000 speakers for £20 seemed a bargain, got home and found one of the drivers blown. There's a tweeter with a single capacitor, and two identical bass/mid drivers which have no crossover at all! insane! perhaps not ?


Im aware this is probably considered crazy in the audiophile world but i don't live in that world i live in my world :D BUT, i have a pair of bass/mid drivers from B&W DM10 speakers built in 1983, i kept those drivers since 1999!
anyway so i thought that having only paid £20 i would butcher those cabinets and put in my drivers, when i told someone in a Hi-Fi shop about this i was told how much of a bad idea it is and was very discouraged from experimentation, he seemed to know all the answers and that's all he cared about his ego and up his own **** attitude lol.

heres what i did anyways and wow its sounds great! i had to dampen the B&W drivers with about 5ohm resistor as they were overpowering.