University C-15W substitute

Greetings all,

Can anyone tell me an equivalent woofer for the University C-15W or a resonable subsitute?

The C-15W was used in the University Classic or S9 among other designs.

I am thinking of building a pair of the Classics and would rather not use a 30+ year old woofer.




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Many thanks for the info!
I appear to have identified a woofer substitute from Eminence, #151311.
I also would never have thought the Cobreflex was still around as a new part.
I had planned to use another Eminence for the mids something very similar to the Pi 4 speaker since I was really more interested in the bass horn but am now considering the Cobreflex.



2009-12-21 4:57 pm
I also became the grandfather :cheers: between #4 and #5 and I never had planning to built Deans.
Here is some sect\cult in Russia , which states that dean is best LF horn, C-15W is best woofer, Cobreflex with phenolic driver is best mid combo with world best directivity and so and so.. :D They are boring promoting Deans on forums and refuse to compare Cobreflex with phenolic driver with more common straight\smoth horns and metal phragm drivers.. More objective comparison is slightly interesting for me..

And C-15W substitution may be of value to the latter-day sectarians.. :D