Unity/Synergy horn novice knowledge check


2018-06-10 3:36 pm

I have been trying to understand the Unity/Synergy horn for the last few weeks. I finally decided to follow the bwaslo CoSyne template to keep the learning curve slightly less flat. I'm trying to simulate the 3-way horn with the recommended combination of JBL D220 Ti, VISATON FRS 5 - 8 Ohm and VISATON W 130 S - 8 Ohm for the high mid and low frequencies, respectively. The mid and low drivers were as suggested by the bwaslo's pdf manual. My next step is to get the Hornresp simulation right.

Please let me know how much of the basics I got right thus far;

1) The ports for drivers (other than the compression driver) should be placed at a point where the perimeter of the horn is less than or equal to the corresponding wavelength of the higher cross-over frequency

2) The distance between the port and the center of the next higher driver should be 1/4 th of the cross-over wavelength

3) The ports should be located near the horn edges, as much as possible.

4) ports of the mids should be kept small where it enters the horn and broader close to the driver. Otherwise, it will affect the frequency response.


1) Individual drivers are left open or do they need a box?

2) The entire horn set-up is sealed or is it open/vented etc.?

3) The ports of the horn should be of any particular cross-sectional area corresponding to the highest frequency they are intended to cover?

4) How do I simulate the JBL compression driver?