Unique question-Which DIY DAC to get?! LOL


2012-07-14 7:26 pm
I will explain what I have and what my goals are, and I'm hoping some experienced gentlemen will chime in. I have a squeezebox touch which will do 24/192 which is the main source. I also have a mini dsp 8x8 for eq/multi subwoofer management. I have a classdaudio audio amplifier for my main speakers. I am thinking I would gain so fidelity/clarity/overall goodness from using a excellent external DAC, rather than the dac built into the squeezebox or the minidsp. The squeezebox touch has optical and spdif out, the mini dsp has spdif/optical and a couple other digital connections that I am too ignorant to know what they are.(digi-fp board added). My amp has balanced xlr inputs along with RCA, but I'd prefer to use xlr if possible.

I would like to buy a kit, not necessarily including the case, as I could make/buy one. I love tinkering and modding and have decent soldering skills.(with burns to prove it). Just want high quality with low cost.(first time you've ever heard that!) Oh yeah, probably dont want to spend much more than 200 for the kit.

Comments/questions/critism please.........
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