Undocumented transformer

A while back I posted asking for help identifying this transformer. I have since looked it over a bit more and it is as difficult to figure out as ever. I thought that I would post again with a bit more information and see if anyone can figure out what it is.

On one side of the transformer is a white lead and a black lead. I am pretty sure that this is the primary side since it seems to lead to the winding with the largest wire and also seems to be the one in the center of the windings. I measure DC resistance of 2.2 ohms.

On the other side are three windings; Red, Yellow, and orange with a red/yellow wire that is a center tap for the read windings. I measured the DC resistance of each winding and also connected the the 12V secondary of a small power transformer to the assumed primary windings and measured the voltage at the other windings with the following results.

Winding DC Resistance Voltage(~12v in)

Red 1.7 ohms 4.5V
Orange 0.3 ohms 1.5V
Yellow 0.4 ohms 3.5V

The red winding appears to be the one with the smallest wire gauge.

So with 120v input we would have a 45V ct(low current), 15V and 35V windings.

It is obviously intended for solid state (unless the yellow is the actual primary but that seems well nigh on impossible). The red windings could be for IC circuits and the 35V winding for some sort of power amp stage. I suppose the 15V might be just about right for discrete small signal circuits.

You know the more I think about it this might have been about right for a fairly heafty receiver or musical instrument that used IC based effects or signal processing. Does this seem likely?

I may put this to use for a subwoofer amp. I am unsure of current ratings but, as you can see, it is a pretty heafty unit.



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