Unbalanced Stereo Signal Mute Switch


2013-03-21 1:59 pm

I’m new to the forums and pretty new to audio electronics. I have built electric guitars for a few years but I am trying to expand my horizons!

My first question is about “popless” mute switches. I have searched the internet and found plenty of designs and have decided to procure the parts to build the Crown Audio design I’m sure many of you are familiar with.

I understand this will work for balanced audio feeds and also mono unbalanced feeds, however would this switch fully mute an unbalanced stereo feed (left/right/ground)?

The intention is to use this switch with a Yamaha Tenori-On (or iPod) in a live setting where the signal will be fed into a DI which then goes to the mixing desk as normal.

Thank you very much in advance to anyone who can help answer my question. I really appreciate the help.

(I hope I have posted this in the correct forum!)