Unable to do measurement through reaper

I'm using a setup with Foobar => Reaper (XO and EQ) => Soundcard (NI Audio Kontrol 1). Music playback works fine, but measurement signals are sent directly to the soundcard, so the effect of EQ and XO aren't registered.

I'm using rearoute to direct signals from Foobar to Reaper. ReaRoute ASIO does not show up as a device in the settings of neither Room EQ Wizard nor Holm Impulse.

Am I doing something wrong, or does this mean I need a sound card with internal routing (the Audio Kontrol doesn't have it) to do measurements on signals that have passed through Reaper?

Thanks for any suggestions.

I don't have Holm or REW installed at the moment so I can't check for you, but if they don't support ASIO the ReaRoute driver won't show up.

Soundcards with internal routing are useful for playing non-ASIO sources like movies/internet etc. You could also do your measuring with a physical loop-back cable between Audio Kontrol's output -> input.


2002-02-06 4:51 pm
Yes, doing this without an ASIO loopback may be tricky.

You might look at Virtual Audio Cable (VAC) and see whether that can work for you. It's similar to the Reroute setup but uses WDM instead. The big problem(s) you may run into are
a) I don't think Reaper can use different driver technology for input and output. Therefore if you use VAC, you'll have to use a WDM driver for output. This may be a big limitation.
b) Recording routing. I suspect you may have to have HOLM/REW read directly from the WDM driver rather than having reaper route the soundcard input to a VAC input.

I've been using Reaper a fair bit lately, but haven't yet tried measurement through it. My Saffire supports a stereo internal loopback though, so it should be much more straightforward.