Ultra high performance headphone amplifier QRV09

I have designed a TPA6120 based headphone amplifier. As input buffer I have chosen the expensive precision opamp AD8610 as input buffer.

Datasheets for the TPA6120a says:
0.000021% distortion
1300 v/us slew rate
2 uV noise
126 dB S/N
0 Hz- 160 MHz!!
700 mA out!!

The smallest parts are 0805 so it's not so hard to solder.

The input capacitor is made of PPS Metallized Polyphenylene Sulfide which is a heavy duty part for the automotive industry.

The documentation is 3 MB so it isn't possible to upload it here but send me an email and you'll get it from me. Notice, an EMAIL, not a personal message since you don't have your email address there.


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I am in for at least one pcb maybe more. With minimum order requirements for some of the parts I should have almost enough for 2 boards.

can you give me a p/n or link to those transformers. I found these at mouser and am hoping they will work.
030-7330-0 Pulse Audio & Signal Transformers

Yes, I used exactly these transformers. It was kinda difficult to find them but I wasn't worried since the US is so big market :)