Ultra Analog D20400 datasheet?

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I am not sure whether or not this part is even available these days, its quite an old design as well. (10+ yrs old) I have an old Ultralink II that uses D20400-A and it does sound very good. I have not been able to get the data sheets. UltraAnalog was acquired a while ago by Wadia, they may or may not be able to help.

I have unused UltraAnalog devices for sale as well as complete technical descriptions and diagrams.

The stuff for sale is:
1 pcs UltraAnalog AES20 AES/EBU
ultra-low jitter Input Receiver

1 pcs UltraAnalog AES21 AES/EBU
ultra-low jitter Input Receiver (trafo-koblet indgang)

2 pcs UltraAnalog D20400A (Dual channel reference DAC)

Additionally I have digital filters including HDCD decoder
2 pcs Pacific Microsonics PMD100

Please contact me on audiofreak@jubii.dk and let me know which devices you are looking for.

BR Peter
Nice that others are sharing the same santiments as me.
I have a spare SFD2 dac board with a dead input receiver.
Strangely so, I've seen quite a few dead receiver & have been informed that it's not so reliable. My board has a NPC instead
of the PDM100 decoder. Looking at the specs, it seems that
the PDM 100 is pin compatable to the NPC chip.
Can anyone confirm if it is a drop in replacement ?
If it is a drop in replacement, I will try I2S connection to my
CD pro using a Hexinvertor as suggested by Guido Tent.

Thanks in advance
Parasound AES21

Hello !

Last year I bought a used Parasond DAC 2000.
The input receiver AES 21 is defektive and I´m trying to repair this receiver. It took me a long time to shorn of its epoxy resin casing.
So far I found a lot of bad solder connections, but this seems not to be the main problem.
Does anyone have a schematic of this device or have anyone repaired this receiver ?

Thanks !

Stefan Winter
Does the URL still work? Didn't appear to work for me.

Although, someone emailed me the datasheet a while ago so perhaps I'll have to upload it somewhere for all to grab.

Wadia bought out UltraAnalog and I think, so the general opinion goes, burried them.. and so denying their competitors access to this wonderful DAC (it's not chip as such - it's a DAC unit with several chips inside, the actual DAC being made by OKI for the designer).

Still, it's a 20-bit dac and so obsolete in production terms anyway.. The original designer of the DAC - can't remember his name - is still around and producing DACs under the Lavry brand.

I have a Manley / Lavardin DAC with this unit in (actually UltraAnalog produced a custom unit for Manley but have never found out what's different about it..) and would love to modify it to the max.

Interestingly, the datasheet says is can handle up to around 350KHz sampling rate - so I'm wondering if it can be coupled with a modern receiver chip and still do excellent service to 96/24 recordings ..

P.S. If you want to play around with the DA20400 and can find a Manley Junior or Lavardin 20 bit DAC then grab it! The layout is so nicely sparse and simple that it should be a dream to work on.
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good pictures. I will save here for the case of delete after a short time on this website.
Who can create the associate schematic diagram?


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