UK source for Waveguides for tweeter (or how do DIY one)?

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I want to have a play with waveguides on tweeters, I have a 5.1 Setup of Genelec 1032As at work and these have the type of wave guide I'm looking for, for the tweet (they are most definitely not the inspiration for my trying this though). I've seen on Zaph's pages he has done work with a suitable waveguide from MCM but there is no UK source that I have found for these, I'm sure SCV would sell me some spare Genelec ones but I don't really want to go down that route either. Anyone know of a reasonably cheap source for something suitable?

My cabinets will have fairly thick hardwood baffles, can anyone think of a way to cut a waveguide into the baffle. My routering skills are not the finest but I'm sure it could be done with some form of Jig, any ideas?

failing that can anyone take paypal and post a couple over to me in the UK ;)
You could use circle jig with a plunge router and make several concentric circles with increasing depth towards the smaller diameter. I think a round U-shaped router bit would work best. But it would be quite risky. Just one circle too deep would ruin your front panel.

Is there any companies that sell diy kits with waveguides in UK? I just asked one company here in finland that sells waveguides with seas tweeters in their diy kits and they can sell the waveguides separately. They don't list the prices for the waveguides on their web site.

If you would like to try out the Genelec Phase Plugs -

Saw off one from the very extremeties of its base dexterly

Give it to any - Casting workshop to have it casted in Alumunim or and any other metal you like

They will make a small dye to cast it from your sample

(your sample even in plastic will not be damaged in the cost effective dye making process - used by casting workshop / foundries )

and then cast the phase plugs in the small numbers you may need in Aluminim

the dimensions will be quite accrate as at this small size Alumunim shrinkage is very less , You can go in for other materails too with the lesser shrinkage factor than Aluminum

I think this is One practical way for Diy to have a platform to start researching with wave guides - that - they would like to tweak to suit them the best

as you can easily file the new Alumunium Phase Plugs or add a bit of steel putty - ( Devcon etc ) and then file again if you wuld like to change the dimension

there is another thread on waveguides where a Diy enthusiast would like to tweak his tweeter -

the above could be his starting point too as he is requesting - calculations - I have thought of mailing all the material I have but then felt it would be just paper to Diy without results , as he would have to set out to mould his final inventions from scratch - which will prove expensive

Suranjan Das Gupta

Transducer Design Enginer
This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.