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UK: Built & Tested ESP P101's, Variable Regulated PSU's, Lots of Hitachi L-FETs

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13 pairs of Hitachi/Renesas SK1058/SJ162

Thats 13 x SK1058 and 13 x SJ162.

Packed in an anti-static IC tube for protection. Great L-Fets these, wonderful sound with a good circuit design such as Rod Elliots P101 or Randy Slones Totem. All from same batch so should be good matches

£70 including postage.


6 x ESP P101 amps

All fully constructed and working Rod Elliot P101's (High Power Version 200w into 8ohm) featuring 2 pairs of Hitachi SK1058/SJ162.

2 x Boards using standard components ie. 1% metal film resistors, 10% polystyrene caps and Elna electrolytics. These are £40 each

4 x Boards featuring high quality components ie. matched 1% vishay metal film resistors, matched 5% WIMA polyproplyne caps, Black Gate Electrolytics and two matched pair of L-FETs These are really nice sounding amps. Each £50

All inc postage.


2 x BMM Electronics M2006 - Regulated Adjustable split audio power supply - 2 x 2-27 V 1A

An externally hosted image should be here but it was not working when we last tested it.


Lovely fully regulated variable PSU, perfect for active XO's, opamp circuits, use as a bench supply, testing amps with safe volatges etc. Complete with heatsink as shown in picture.

+ and - rails fully variable between 2v upto 27v at upto 1A.

Both PSU's supplied with a 18-0-18 mini encapsulated toroidal transformer

£37 each including the transformer and postage.



Will only post to the UK, sorry to all others.
This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.