ucd400: Hypex HXR12 Regulators vs. Input buffer auxiliary supply


2007-06-27 6:39 pm

If you had to choose, what is best in terms of sonic performance for the input buffer on the ucd400, 1) connecting an auxiliary supply voltage (+-12V), or 2) the Hypex HXR12 voltage regulators?

Or is there a significant benefit by using both at the same time (HXR12 regulators and an auxiliary supply)?

Thanks in advance.

I'd deliberated on the same questions a couple of months back before ordering my UCD400HGs with onboard HxR regs -

Regarding the second question in your post - I don't think onboard HxR regs will work off a 12V Aux supply. Their drop voltage is specified as 3V. You will need a minimum of +-15VDC from an Aux supply to make that happen.

I'd asked Hypex support if using the Aux supply from the HG PSU to power the onboard HxR regs would make a difference and they were of the opinion that it wouldn't matter much.

Why not consider making an off board +-12V supply using the HxR regs. Best of both worlds and reduces the clutter on the already packed 400HG board? The HxR regs are very reasonably priced and I don't think there are many better specd regs out there at that price point.

Maybe Hypex should consider offering the HxR option also on the aux portion of their HG PSU? To me, it makes more sense (from a sound quality perspective) than onboard HxRs.